ROI — The Realisation of Influence

Good communicators everywhere should forget ‘Return on Investment’. There’s no such thing in our discipline of communicating with people. Think instead ‘Realisation of Influence’. Now, that really is important.

‘Content is king’ used to be the mantra in social media marketing. Create great content and people will share it, organically spreading your sphere of influence. Not so anymore. According to respected new media thinker Brian Solis, ‘For media to become social requires that marketers and creative professionals design shareability into content. Without doing so, content is at best consumable.’ Content must not just be consumed anymore – it must be shared and provoke a pre-designed response. He goes on to say context and segmentation must now be based on psychographics, not demographics.

In other words, to thrive in the world of new media, we need more than just content producers. We need a new breed of marketers who understand that social media should trigger desirable actions — cause and effect. Brian Solis calls this new breed of marketers ‘social producers’.

The difference between Social Producers and traditional content creators is that Social Producers begin with the social outcomes they wish to produce and engineer content strategies to achieve them.

In exactly the same way we say in all our advice on B2B communications programs that you must start with your business objectives and desired outcomes before you dive in willy nilly collecting data for analysis.

Only then will you know if you achieved your goals.