Change, Cuts and Internal Communication

There has been much debate recently regarding the spending cuts to be introduced this year by the Coalition Government, sparking major protests regarding public sector jobs. But it won’t only be in the public sector. As consumer spending reduces, many organizations will be facing a time of change and at these times in particular, a good internal communications strategy is necessary. For example, it is important that you:

  • Communicate the need and reason for change
  • Be clear, open and honest with your staff
  • Give regular updates to avoid speculation
  • Give a clear timeline with progress markers
  • Use a variety of communication channels
  • Involve staff as much as possible in the process
  • Outline your vision for the future of the company
  • Communicate to different staff groups in the ways they prefer

To start planning your strategy, evaluation is essential and at Mediatrack we are experienced in producing benchmark analysis. This enables you to learn which are the most effective methods of communication with different staff groups, which groups are most engaged with the company, which areas the management can improve upon and so on.

Independent insight into the culture of your organization is invaluable and will reveal which areas are working well and which need improvement. We not only report on our findings, but we’ll advise you on your future strategy, as we have done for companies like Bupa and EDF. This advice can be vital during a challenging time for internal communications professionals.