Mediatrack Research is a leading research and consulting group in the field of reputation and media intelligence.

With over 20 years experience working with major international clients, we unite robust data with interpretation and insights to drive better communication and business performance.

What makes us different?

As senior communicators ourselves, we work with you as an independent and trusted adviser, strategist, and problem solver to facilitate better decision-making.  Each one of our team is a leader in their field.  Our strength lies in the combination of expertise integrating research and recommendation in these areas:

  • media planning, research and evaluation
  • trend and attitude  tracking in digital and social media
  • focus group and individual qualitative research
  • survey and other forms of quantitative research
  • strategic communications advice

Our research programmes are designed around your business objectives to ensure we capture the most important, relevant data.  But delivery of data is not where the story ends.  Our interpretation and consultancy enables you to leverage your new insights from team meeting to trading floor to board room.  We are much more than a data supplier.  As your communications partner, we are focussed on your success.

Our research and advice identifies the challenges faced by senior communicators and

  • enables better business decisions
  • drives effectiveness
  • inspires communications strategies
  • encourages a course of action
How do we do it?

We assess your communications challenges and find the most appropriate and cost-effective research programmes to deliver clear results and better understanding.

We help identify your audiences, refine your messages, measure and audit your results, and provide you with early warning on emerging issues.

Whatever channels you use, we will make them work harder for you and deliver more focused results with:

  • government, regulators and trade bodies
  • external media, opinion formers and trade press
  • financial institutions, shareholders and financial analysts
  • social media influencers
  • internal managers, staff and workforce
  • clients, customers and consumers

Our evidence-based reports and advice are used to drive better performance management, budget planning, board reporting and staff training in communication.

The intelligent deployment of research combined with our experience and considerable expertise delivers unique results.

We are based in London with first-language analysts from all over the world.